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Mission Statement
We aim to serve our customer with integrity and passion while maintaining an environment of comfort and relaxation.
  • We are committed to the highest standard of clean
  • We are committed to the upmost attention to the details of service
  • We are committed to make your visit a memorable experience.
Our Philosophy

At Emme's Salon we want to break the tradition of an everyday nail salon. We dedicate ourselves to operate a salon in which we can be proud to call home, changing service to an experience. Not only do we want to make you, the client our first priority but we also want to focus on the whole YOU.


We are dedicated and passionate about our business. It excites us and brings us joy as we evolve our salon into a safe haven for you. With all our experiences we feel it’s important to teach others and help them grow. The possibilities are endless!

Here at Emme's you will escape the busy city-life of San Antonio, TX to a tranquil bliss.


Remember. Relax. You're at Emme's!



Emme's Salon is dedicated to provide a high standard of services and we truly care about the products that we use. This is why we chose to make all of our scrubs and lotion in house.  All of products are hand made in house with the customer in mind. To protect our customer, all of our tools undergo a dual cleaning process; disinfection with barbicide and sterilization with an autoclave.  All of our pedicure bowls are lined with disposable liner for your protection. Your safety and comfort are our top priority. 


Our Promise

We believe in the small luxuries in life and pampering yourself should always be at the top of anyone's list! We set ourselves apart from other nail salons in that we strive to provide you with quality services in a quiet and peaceful environment where you can escape and relax from your busy schedule. Consider our salon your sanctuary.

History of EMME

Emme's Beauty Salon began as Emme Nailspa by the original Founders as an idea and desire to change the way many nail spa currently operate.  


The Founders loved getting manicures and pedicures but often find the typical nail spa stressful and lacking.

They want a place where they can relax and enjoy the small luxuries in life.  They want to get their manicure and pedicure done while venting about their stressful life.  They want to have their hand and feet massaged while sipping champagne.  They want a place to escape and be pamper with beauty in comfort and relaxation .  

Emme Nailspa was the result of these hopes and dreams.  A place far from the strip malls and busy streets.  A beautiful and quite place nestle inside Eilan at La Cantera.

Three years after the original creation of Emme Nailspa, the salon underwent some changes in ownership and is currently re-branded as Emme's Beauty Salon.  Although the original Founders are no longer with the salon, their hopes and dreams are being kept alive by the service providers who still work at the salon.  In fact, the current owner is a service provider, hired and trained by the original Founders.  Their spirits of providing exceptional service while maintaining an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation lives on.



What is the meaning behind Emme?


Emme is consist of two words. Em is a common Vietnamese word translates to darling or sweetie, often use to embodies adoration and respect for another.  The English word me was added as a reflection to the word Em.  Me is use here to represent self, like looking into a mirror and describing what you see and defining what you want to see.  Combining these two words, we get Emme, a name we use to define the experience and sense we wanted for our customers and our team.

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