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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take walk-ins?

We take walk-ins based on availability. To better serve you, we prefer reservations by appointment.  We offer 3 convenient options for reservation: CALL 210-562-3643, ONLINE (24/7), or Vagaro APP (24/7) 

What's the difference between a full set and a manicure?

A full set is a set of acrylic nails. We have limited service providers who can do a full set of acrylics, so please book an appointment for that specific service or call ahead for availability. A manicure is a treatment of the hands including shaping, painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles, and softening of the skin.

What's the difference between shellac and regular polish?

Shellac polish lasts around 2-3 weeks, shellac polish must be taken off with acetone and buffing. Regular polish can be taken off with regular nail polish remover. There is a significant difference in longevity between the two types of polish.

What's the difference between dip powder and shellac polish?

Dip powder is  often best for people that have very thin and damaged nails. Dip powder usually lasts around 1 week longer than shellac. Shellac is a flexible polish, where as dip powder is hard like an acrylic. They both have the same removal process.

What's chrome nails?

Chrome nails is a nail effect that is be apply on top of shellac/gel polish. It can be use on a wide variety colors.  See sample here.

What's mermaid nails?

Mermaid nails is another nail effect that we offer. Similar to other nail effect, it must be apply on top of shellac/gel polish. Mermaid effect completely transforms the polish you put it on, giving it a sparkly effect.  See sample here.

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